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Winged Floodbars


Our Winged Floodbars save so much time and effort that they're almost justified in a couple of days production. They've become so popular that we've had to ship thousands across the world! our first winged floodbars were made for precision hydraulic ovals in 1991. They were immediately accepted by every shop that tried one. Since then, they have been adapted to work with all automatic screen printing machines.

Most screen printers know that getting ink on their Winged Floodbars' nuts can be an enormous hassle as they can be difficult to clean. Unlike other manufacturer's winged floodbars, Action's Winged Floodbars have no nuts. Additionally, the screws are at the very top of the floodbar, keeping them away from the ink. This drastically cuts down on the time needed to clean floodbars.

Mix less ink, put less ink in your screen, and don't worry about having to scrape the ink from the sides of the frame back into the ink well as the wings keep the ink from spilling towards the sides of the frame.

  • Now stocked in 4",5", 6", 12", 14", 16", 18" all others are a 4 piece minimum
  • Our number one selling item for 2 decades
  • Mix Less Custom Ink, use less ink, less cleanup time - and many other advantages make this a no-brainer for every shop that has an automatic.
  • MHM and ROQ styles are made out of stainless steel - they don't dent or warp
  • Measurement is of the flat center portion. 
  • For best results, order the same size Squeegee and Winged Floodbar.