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Vastex E-100, Entry Level Flourescent

by Vastex
SKU E100-2331-120

E-100 Exposing Units are designed for the entry level market, and come with or without vacuum hold down. These high quality machines are sold as table top models, and can be combined with an optional S1-27 stand or UC-1000 utility cart. The utility cart is available with a light-tight door to store up to 11, ready-to-expose screens. To complete your shop, look at the V-100 Light-Duty Tabletop Garment Printer available with up to 4 stations and 4 colors, the F-100 18 in. (46 cm) sq. Entry Level Flash Cure Unit, and the LittleRed X1 infrared conveyor dryer.


    • Lid with Vacuum Pump
    • 23 in. x 31 in. (58.x 78 cm) max screen O.D.
    • One touch angled control panel for easy operation
    • Timers control lights and vacuum precisely
    • Includes six 40-watt black UV bulbs

    The E-100 Exposing Units with vacuum hold down come in two sizes to accommodate screens measuring 23 x 31 in. (58 x 78 cm) O.D. Drawing vacuum through the screen stops, it provides uniform screen-to-glass contact for quality exposures, allowing entry level printers to achieve professional results consistently. All models feature a new one-touch angled control panel for easy operation.

    Powered vacuum hold down contours rubber blanket to screen for excellent screen-to-film contact (excludes E-100-2128-LB Exposing Unit)

    Vacuum draws through bottom manifold--no holes in rubber blanket (excludes E-100-2128-LB Exposing Unit)

    Electronic ballasts for quick starts and steady UV output

    Separate timers control lights and vacuum precisely

    Unfiltered UV fluorescent bulbs

    Angled control panel with one-touch operation

    3 Year warranty on manufacturer's defects*

    0.25 in. (.63 cm) thick optically clear glass


    • 120 V or 240V
    • S1-27 Stand with wheels
    • DRI-CAB Screen Drying Cabinet with air circulation
    • DRI-VAULT Screen Drying Cabinet with heated air

    Operation Manual