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ULTIMATE Clean-up Card™ - Box of 500


4Disposable, low cost plastic coated scraper card. 3.5" x 3.5" is just right size, not too big... not too small. Useful in many ways around the shop. These cards are very stiff and are impregnated with polyethylene to make them chemical resistant. Just like a nice coated playing card, but wayyyyy thicker and wayyyy stiffer. Use as a scooper/scraper and toss away when done. Fast and inexpensive, cost just a couple of pennies each!

Once you try these, you will ALWAYS want them! This is the type of item that you must touch, feel and use to really appreciate their value.

The shipping charge may look high for these, but they have substantial weight (15 lbs per case of 1,500 cards).