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Action Engineering The Wall


The Wall is designed to maximize your automatic machines printing efficiency.

While winged floodbars do a fantastic job of minimizing ink migration to the sides of your frame, it is not 100% effective. With the Wall, you are able to adjust the walls to almost where they are touching the winged flood bars wings. This completely eliminates the tendency for ink to migrate past the wings. 

This feature is especially vital for printing with water based inks. With water based inks, any ink migrating past the winged flood bars will result in the ink drying out. This means that you will have to stop your machine press and clean out your screens. 

The Wall is made available for use with a 23" x 31" frame. The Wall will adjust to accommodate a range of 4" winged floodbars up to a 16" winged floodbar. Other screen sizes are available with a 4 piece minimum order.