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SAATI Procoat Dual Screen Auto Coater - 25X36

by ROQ

The Saati ProCoat 25x36 Dual Screen Auto Coater provides a meaningful solution for the small to medium shops that are interested in the benefits of automatic coating. Affordable and consistent quality can be accomplished with the Saati ProCoat. A PrePress operator will realize quickly that a consistent coated screen solves many of the day to day quality issues that make it to press. This machine is truly a plug and play workhorse.

  • Coats two screens, simultaneously front and back. Ex. two 20x24, 23x31, or 25x36 at a time
  • Coats a single screen up to 42x50"
  • Simple coating trough attachment and carriage enclosed for safety
  • Set a program and get repeatable stencils, which result in a more repeatable print
  • Ideal for dual frames 25x36 or smaller.
  • Available in horizontal and vertical options