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SAATI Fixer 9

SKU SCHS00300PQ001

  • Increases stencil water resistance for more impressions per screen.
  • Works as a catalyst with triple-cure emulsions (Ceramic HT, Textil HT, Vitrum HT) or makes a permanent, solvent-resistant and waterproof stencil.
  • Works as an emulsion hardener with water-resistant emulsions such as Textil DW and textil DT to make a more durable stencil.
  • Apply Saatichem Fixer 9 thinly and evenly to both sides of the dry stencil with a sponge, brush or cloth. Remove Fixer 9 excess to avoid drips with vacuum or air jet. Allow Fixer 9 to penetrate emulsion. Then cure overnight at room temperature or for one to two hours at 122° to 140°F (50° to 60°C).