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SAATI 21 Step Exposure Sensitive Guide

SKU REQC200003

Saati 21 Step Sensitivity Guide

  • Are you still guessing at exposure time?
  • Tired of pinholes or losing detail?
  • Get it right every time with the Saati 21-step exposure guide.
  • Easy to use, just count steps after developing.
  • Find the right exposure with one easy test, 100% guaranteed.
  • Works for any combination of mesh & emulsion.
  • Eliminate re-makes and save money.

This is the exposure guide of choice for accuracy, ease of use and all-purpose application. With the Saati 21 Step Sensitivity Guide, there is no guesswork or complicated interpretation. It is a more precise tool than the gelatin/density type exposure calculators, and unlike competitive products, it can be used on all stencil types and all mesh counts. (Other exposure guides are not compatible with pure photo-polymer stencils, and do not perform as well on coarse mesh.) Our 21-step guide is also much smaller (1⁄2″ x 51⁄4″), so it can be used on all production screens.

The Saati 21 Step Sensitivity Guide is a film containing a transmission type density scale with 21 steps ranging from transparent to opaque. (1 = zero density. 21 = solid black.)