Replacement Ink Bag for Mimaki SS21 2000ml Light Black

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We offer a 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee on our compatible SPC-501LBK

Specifically manufactured to match the exact performance and color properties of Mimaki Mild Solvent inks. This is a Total Ink Solutions ultra premium Mild Solvent ink with a stunning color gamut, performance, accurate color reproduction and the ability to print on a wide range of media.Our compatible SS21 ink bag contain a brand new chip which allows you to track your printer ink levels. Benefit from tracking ink levels with our compatible SS21 Light Black bag with a smart chip.

We guarantee that they will print with the same high quality as your genuine Mimaki brand cartridges.



CJV30-60 CJV30-100 CJV30-130

CJV30-160 CJV150-75 CJV150-107

CJV150-130 CJV150-160 CJV300-130

CJV300-160 JV5-160S JV5-320S

JV33-130 JV33-160 JV34-260

JV150-130 JV150-160 JV300-130


Brands Total Ink DIGITAL
Fluid Volume 2000 mL