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Glitter has a way of completely transforming the look of any design. With QUICK PRINT GLITTER there is no limit to the number of colors you're able to use on your logo or image, it instantly adds a layer of interest while standing out from the pack. With QUICK PRINT GLITTER, you'll apply the heater transfer film on top of your current logo. With the application of glitter to any logo it will give you the eye-catching "Wow" factor you've been looking for.

QUICK PRINT GLITTER is available in 2 color options available, which allows you to fully customize the logo print. It also makes it easier for you to change the color of your glitter based on the color of the fabric.

And lets face it, who doesn't love glitter? From children to adults, there's just something about glitter that really takes a printed image over the top. So, if you're ready to add a show-stopping feature to your print job, the glitter film is the perfect addition to your product.

Lycra and Spandex materials must be fully tested prior to production.

  • Adhesive Backing: Yes
  • Material: PET
  • Thickness: 290 ~ 360 Micron
  • Washing Durability: Rated for 30 - 40 wash cycles
  • Cut: NOT Mirrored
  • Blade: 45°
  • Cutting Speed: 30 cm/s
  • Pressure: 140 gf
  • Application Temperature: 320 - 340° F
  • Pressure: Medium to Firm
  • Press Time: 15 – 20 Seconds
  • Peel: Peel Cool
  • Layerable: Max of 3 Layers