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Over Sized Alumi-Bond Platen 16" x 18"

SKU 16-18 AB W

The Alumi-Bond platens aluminum top provides a surface that resists warping under continuous flashing. Wood underneath side allows for quick and easy bracket mounting. They are air vented, lightweight, dependable and economical. Price does not include bracket to adapt to your printer. The Alumi-Bond platens will fit onto any printing press. Custom sized platens available upon request.

Platen Sizing

SKU/Item Number: 10-12 AB (Youth Size 10″ x 12″)
SKU/Item Number: 14-16 AB (Adult Size 14″ x 16″)
SKU/Item Number: 16-18 AB (Over Sized Adult 16″ x 18″)

  • Added neck profile to allow easier loading
  • Matches neck profile design of our existing wood boards for consistency from Livingston platen to platen
  • Same thickness of aluminum, same melamine coated particle board for strength against heat
  • Same tape and adhesive to maintain cohesion