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OPTISTRIP 600 - Emulsion Remover

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OPTISTRIP 600 - Emulsion Remover

OPTISTRIP 600 is the best perfroming emulsion remover in the market today. Simply spray it on your screen and watch the emulsion come off with as little as a garden hose. NO MIXING REQUIRED.

Do not dilute the product for the best effectiveness. OPTISTRIP can be diluted up to 1 part chemical 5 parts water, but your effectivenes will be lowered.

To use the product spray the prodcut using a quart spray bottle, directly onto the emulsion in your washout booth, then wait aproximately 20- 30 seconds for the emulsion to soften.

Once the emulsion has softened you can use a spray nozzle or powerwasher to remove the emuslion from the screens.