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Four Color Shift Chameleon Sheet Red/Yellow/Bule/Black - 0.45mm - (15.75 in x 7.87 in)


3D chameleon silicone heat transfer vinyl sheet. With heat transfer glue backside we can heat press on different fabrics with perfect washing resistance after cutting. This thin, stretchable and iridescent heat transfer material changes colour depending on the angle from which it’s viewed.

Available in five shimmering shades, Chameleon heat transfer vinyl offers a subtle iridescent effect on white backgrounds, a more pronounced colorful effect on dark garments, and is excellent for creating tone-on-tone designs. It can be ideally processed into patterns, patches, symbols, and labels made up of different shapes, sizes, numbers, and letters. They are also often used to make lace and piping. It can be die-cut, engraved, heat-transferred, hand-cut or cut-off.

It can also be hot-laminated onto fabrics or pads using an iron, double cylinder laminating machine, heat fusing machine, or high/mid frequency welding device. It can also be screen printed (usually after lamination). Products are widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, gloves, luggage, raincoats, bodywork and other daily necessities and work supplies.