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Action Engineering EZ Sleeve Pallet


The Most User Friendly Double Pallet Solution Ever Built!

The new EZ sleeve pallet allows you to effortlessly print on two sleeves at a time, without stretching the sleeve around the pallet bracket or arm of your machine. This pallet is lightweight and enables you to use it for many other custom prints like socks, pockets, koozies, pant legs, short sleeves and more! 

  • Print Sleeves/Pant Legs/Short Sleeves: Sleeve printing area - 3.75" x 19"
  • Rubber is NOT required for these pallets, however there is a option for rubber. 
  • Print Pockets/Koozies: 3.75" x 5"
  • Overall Dimensions: 16" x 24" 

In order to make the sleeves of the EZ Sleeve pallet as rigid as they can be, use the special bracket adapter (included with your purchase) that when positioned and tightened will add tension and make the printing areas extremely rigid. An extra large knob is provided for easy tightening. It is also possible to tighten to the point that you will slightly lift the printing arms. When used correctly, this will normalize the pressure better when the squeegee is towards the load side of the pallet.

Please note that these pallets do not come with rubber as rubber is not required for use. Adding rubber will require adjustment to your machine for the height offset.