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Epson 1400 All Black Ink Conversion Kit w/ 1 Syringe & Long Needles


Rethink how you deal with printer ink with Total Ink Solutions® new Epson 1400 compatible refillable cartridge kit. The kit includes all 6 refillable cartridges that you need to easily convert your Epson printer from standard cartridges to replacement tank carts saving you money and making it much easier to never run out of ink in your printer! Total Ink Solutions® Ink Cartridge Replacement System will help you maintain your ink more efficiently with less mess and less waste. 

  • You can use these cartridges and fill all with BLACK INK if you use ACCURIP, or you can fill with standard colors.
  • Must be used with AccuRIP Software

Kit Includes
  • Set of 1 replaceable ink cartridges tanks compatible with the color coded cartridge color slot.
  • 1 Long Needle Syringe for easy filling.
  • 1 - 8 oz. bottle of all black dye ink.