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Entry Level LED Exposure Unit

by Vastex
SKU E-20

The entry-level E-20 light box offers the same fast exposure times for producing high resolution half-tones and crisp detail as higher end models Equipped with two 15" (38 cm) VLB-15 LED light bars, it comes with an analog timer for automatic shut-off and a pressure plate to create tight glass-positive-screen contact. The glass exposure surface can be purchased separately from Vastex or supplied by the customer.

This tabletop unit can accommodate screens measuring up to 20 x 24 in. (51 x 61 cm) O.D., and can be combined with an optional S1-27 stand, or UC-1000 utility cart. The utility cart is available with an optional light-tight door to store up to 10, ready-to-expose screens. To complete your shop, look at the V-100 Light-Duty Tabletop Garment Printer available with up to 4 stations and 4 colors, the F-100 18 in. (46 cm) sq. Entry Level Flash Cure Unit, and the D-100 infrared conveyor dryer.

*Screens larger than 20x24" (51x61cm) will fit on top of unit, but the image area should be limited to 12"x15" (31x38cm) 

Fast: Exposes screens as fast as metal halide

Quality: Expose fine detail, half-tones

EfficientOperates at 20% of power required for metal halide

Compact: Slim design allows mounting on carts or drying cabinets

Expose: Works with ANY emulsion

Consistent: Pressure plate to create good glass-positive-screen contact


  • 1 year warranty on manufacturer's defects
  • 5 year warranty on LED lights


  • 21 x 25" tempered glass for E-20. Will be boxed separately from exposure unit for shipping. Specifications can be supplied to purchase locally.
  • High strength utility cart
  • S1-27 and S1-27-DEMT stand with wheels
  • DRI-CAB Screen Drying Cabinet with air circulation
  • DRI-VAULT Screen Drying Cabinet with heated air
  • International power cords available


  • Analog timer to automatically shut off lights
  • Can be shipped via UPS in a single box without glass
  • Weighs 45lbs (20.4kg) with glass and pressure pad
  • Overall dimensions including pressure pad is 26.1x21.5x8.4" (67x55x22cm)
  • Only uses 1 amp of power on 120V (0.5 amp on 240V)


E-20 exposure units are available to order and we do have a limited amount without glass ready to ship within a day or two. We will have tempered glass available shortly if you choose to purchase it from Vastex.

Glass is sold separately but can be purchased from a local glass supplier.