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EasiSolv™ 415N Stain & Haze Remover

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EasiSolv™ 415N Stain & Haze Remover is an environmentally approved, biodegradable, 100% active, fast acting, low odor, ready to use liquid designed to quickly and thoroughly dissolve all ink stains, emulsion residue/stains and ghost images from all types of screen printing mesh. EasiSolv 415N will remove all stains created by solvent, water base, UV and textile inks with fewer hazards and less mesh destruction than harsh ghost and haze removers.


EasiSolv 415N is a reduced hazard, biodegradable stain remover which will contribute to a safer work environment compared to many hazardous ghost and haze removers.
EasiSolv 415N dissolves stains fast (1-5 minutes), which provides a quicker alternative to stain removers that require hours of dry time to work effectively.
EasiSolv 415N is a low odor product, providing a more pleasant environment for employees.
EasiSolv 415N is a one-part liquid which works on all types of ink stains and eliminates the need for multiple products (including two-part systems).
EasiSolv 415N is a ready to use, stable product which will not separate. This reduces the time required to treat a screen and eliminates additional handling and stirring.
EasiSolv 415N removes stains and serves as a mesh degreaser while eliminating additional steps required to prepare screens.
EasiSolv 415N is an easy to apply liquid, which is quicker and requires less product than conventional paste products.


Remove all ink and emulsion from screen.
Apply EasiSolv 415N to the (well) ink and print side of the screen.
Allow the product to dwell on the mesh for 1-5 minutes, depending on the nature of the stain.
Flood rinse entire screen with low pressure rinse. Follow with a high pressure rinse on entire screen.
**Prolonged contact time with EasiSolv 415N may cause mesh breakdown.