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Double station heat press sublimation machine

by FreeSub
SKU ST-210

This is our new machine for sublimation mugs, normally we use a single mug press, this time our technician add another mug heating pad and make it double-station working, you can print both one mug and two mugs at a time.

The most important feature is that the price of this machine is very competitive. It's a great choice for small businesses at home.

11 oz Mug Sleeve included. Others sizes available.

Power: 350 Watts


1. Print two mugs at once
2. Two temperature display: Fahrenheit and Centigrade.
3. Intelligent Temperature Control, small temperature differences, long service life.
4. Processing capacity can be checked.
5. Quantitative counting, you can preset processing capacity when bulk processing, the machine will warn you when arrives.
6. Machine comes with a temperature correcting function, that makes temperature on the screen the same as real temperature.