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Geo Knight DK20S/SP 16 x 20 Bottom Heat and Control


Compatible with DK20S, DK20SP, DK25S, DK25SP


  • Ideal for avoiding Scorching and Press Marks from the top platen.
  • A bottom heated 16" x 20" platen heater and control is available for the DK20S and DK20SP. The separately controlled heat pedestal drops into the position the standard All-Thread table is located. This is ideal for thick embroidered appliques, certain lettering transfers, and other heat transfer and bonding applications requiring bottom heat to stop Scorching and Searing of the top surface by heating from behind.


  • Weight: 35 Lbs
  • Electrical: 1800W / 15A / 110V
  • Dimensions: 16" D x 20" W x 13" H