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Action Engineering Deluxe Pallet Paper Changing System


BadAss Pallet Paper Changing System (Deluxe)

New Improved Pallet Paper Changing System
The PPCS has been greatly improved. Now - for the first time available ever - there is one system that combines all papering processes together.

  • Magnet Box Knife Holder - This features allows the box knife - included - to be easily slid into a sheath and locked in place. It eliminates the cumbersome process of having to pick it up and put it down or open and close it.
  • Light weight Manual BadAss Paper Roller - a much lighter version of our BadAss Manual Roller - allows you to quickly and easily put the paper onto the pallet. Simply pull the paper off the roll to past front edge of the pallet, tack down an inch by hand and then reach for the lightweight roller. The roller width is 17' making it perfect for a 16" wide pallet.
  • The roller has a special cradle it sits in that automatically locks in place between papering of pallets.