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Compatible Replacement Inkjet Cartridge for Melcojet G2 DTG - 220 mL

by STS
SKU MEL.DTG.4880.220.BK

Our compatible cartridges for Melcojet G2 Direct to Garment are formulated to deliver the highest performance with even greater image quality, highly accurate color reproduction and superior print longevity. Our compatible ink cartridge contain a brand new chip which allows you to track your printer ink levels. Benefit from tracking ink levels with our compatible cartridge with a smart chip. 

We guarantee that they will print with the same high quality as your genuine Melco brand cartridges. 

Melcojet G2

  • Melcojet G2 M&R iDot Polyprint TEXJET
  • Neoflex DTG Viper Fast T Jet Blazer 4880
  • MS One 4880 Resolute RJ4 Tricksy Gen 4
  • Groener Rainbow All Direct to Garment printers with EPSON 4880 Print Engine
  • GC-30BK18
  • GC-30C18
  • GC-30Y18
  • GC-30M18
  • GC-30W18
  • MEL.DTG.4880.220.BK
  • MEL.DTG.4880.220.C
  • MEL.DTG.4880.220.Y
  • MEL.DTG.4880.220.M
  • MEL.DTG.4880.220.W
  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Magenta
  • White
  • DTG
  • Melcojet