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Compatible Replacement Bag for OCE Arizona UV IJC-256 - 2 Liter


We are proud to offer our compatible inks for the Oce Arizona 200/250/350/360 GT. These are high quality compatible bags filled with our own Premium UV Ink.

Enjoy the benefits of the Oce Arizona fast curing speed and quality and save a bundle with this economic alternative to OEM Inks.

We offer a solid solution to the Oce RFID Chip that guarantees trouble-free operation.

As always, our inks are a virtual match to the OEM so there is no need to flush the lines or modify your color profiles, you simply “Plug and Print”.

Oce Arizona 200/250 GT
Oce Arizona 300/350/360 GT/XT
Oce Arizona 440/460/480 GT/XT
Oce Arizona 550 GT/XT
Oce Arizona 640 GT/XT
Oce Arizona 660CM GT/XT
Oce Arizona 660SS GT/XT

  • OCE.UV.256.2L.BAG.BK
  • OCE.UV.256.2L.BAG.C
  • OCE.UV.256.2L.BAG.M
  • OCE.UV.256.2L.BAG.Y
  • OCE.UV.256.1L.BAG.W

2000 mL, 1000 mL (White)

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • White

UV Lamp