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PANTONE® Color Match - 5 Gallon

SKU PFGP-Pantone-5G

Please be aware that Pantone Color Match takes 48-72 hours to make. This is not including shipping time.
Pantone Color Match Systems are largely standardized for color reproduction. We utilize the UMX System for creating the color-matched inks.

NOTE: Screen colors may vary widely due to monitor configurations.

Please find attached the evaluation for all colors of the Total Ink Solutions Plastisol Screen Printing Ink line, evaluated under D50 as the primary light source.

 All submissions were viewed under D50 in an X-Rite Judge QC Lightbooth and compared to the Pantone Formula Guide.  All colors were compared to both a NEW/Current Formula Guide, as well as the First Edition PLUS guide to account for any book variation. 

 All submissions were approved By Pantone