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Clean-up Card - Case of 1500


  • Clean screens, squeegees and scoop coaters
  • Apply bulk adhesive to pallets
  • Apply block out to screens
  • Optimum ink cleaning edge for screens and squeegees
  • Made from specially engineered polyethylene impregnated cardboard

1. Stop wasting time cleaning your cleaning tools! It costs nearly 50 cents in labor, towels and solvent to clean a reusable ink tool. Time is money, so don't waste time cleaning.

2. Multi-purpose:

  • Remove Ink from Screens
  • Squeegees Scrape Clean Easily
  • Remove Emulsion from Scoop Coater
  • Spread Water-based Pallet Adhesive
  • Apply Blockout to Screens

3. Disposable - Use it and lose it. You don't make money cleaning!

4. Strong - Scoops thick ink + chemical resistant.

5. Clean-Up Card Dimensions: 3.5'' x 3.5''