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BBC® MB series Table Top Conveyor Dryers

by BBC
SKU MB-1500

Take your shop or live printing operation to the next level. The BBC MB Table Top Series uses proprietary, highly efficient BBC infrared panels which provide the most even and efficient heat distribution available on the market today. Dont believe us? See for yourself below. The BBC MB Series comes with a true plug & play standard 15A plug so no adaptors or special electrical outlets are required . With edge-to-edge heat coverage, the MB Series cures the largest print images in its class. BBC knows your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it fussing with belt tracking issues so the MB Series dryers come standard with the BBC TruTrak belt tracking system. Set it and forget it! As the ONLY electric infrared heat manufacture in the industry, BBC KNOWS HEAT.

Box 1 - 25”x14”x5”          31lbs
Box 2 - 22”x16”x8”          25 lbs
Box 3 - 26”x23”x5”          38 lbs


  • 18” Belt Width
  • No Crating Fee
  • Built-in Dial Speed Control
  • Includes TruTrak Belt

Selling Features:

  1. Price! Price! Price!
  2. Size and Portability
  3. Standard Plug
  4. Performance