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AlbaChem Safe-T-Tack Aerosol 12oz

SKU 1788

AlbaChem Safe-T-Tack water-based adhesive in an aerosol can is a unique product that combines the safety of a water-based adhesive with the convenience of an aerosol can. Evenly sprays adhesive on the pallet but due to the weight of the product, overspray is minimal compared to traditional solvent based aerosol adhesives. Safe-T-Tack aerosol sprays on wet but tacks immediately when flashed. When used on hot pallets, tack is immediate.

•Perfect Tack
•Stable at High Temperatures
•Last Significantly Longer than Standard Aerosol Pallet Adhesives
•Tack re-activated with water
•VOC Compliant & Odorless
•Great for reapplication on hot pallets when printing on fleece