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AlbaChem® Surface Alcohol Spray – 20 oz.

SKU 777

80% Solution
AlbaChem® Surface Alcohol Spray provides a quick and effective way to
sanitize all surfaces that we touch regularly. Containing 80% ethanol, Surface
Sanitizing Spray is the fastest and most complete way to sanitize surfaces that are
handle regularly. This will greatly reduce the chances of transferring viral and
bacterial materials from the surfaces to your hand or face.

AlbaChem® Surface Alcohol Spray  is recommended for use on:
• Phone & Tablets
• Keyboards
• Door Knobs
• Masks
• Clothing
• Handbags
• Desks & Counters
And all other surfaces.

Directions for use:
1. Test by spraying onto an inconspicuous area before spraying entire surface.
2. If spraying on electronics, apply onto rag and rub surface with damp rag.
3. If spraying onto other surfaces, apply an even coating to all exposed surfaces.
4. If using on clothing or mask, allow to dry completely before wearing.
5. Avoid spraying onto skin or face.
6. Do not apply to clothing while wearing.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet