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Screen Remesh Service

At Total Ink Solutions we re-mesh screen frames at affordable prices with quality SAATI mesh and every screen is tested to maintain industry standard tensions.

Whether your business is large or small we have the screen solution for you! Our re-stretching service covers many different mesh and frame sizes.


Prior to shipping, delivering or having us pick up your screens please do the following:

  1. Remove ONLY ink and tape
  2. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR OLD MESH IN THE FRAME IF POSSIBLE. This makes complete removal easier for our remesh team.
  3. Package your ink and tape free frames carefully to prevent damage during shipping to us. We will use the same box you ship your screens in back to you.


Most screen remesh orders will ship it back to you in 3-5 business days.

Additional charges may be applied for frames requiring additional preparation or cleaning if the steps above are not followed.

Also, if mulitple layers of mesh had been applied previously, we may need to further prep the frame to allow the frame to propperly accept new mesh. This is an additional $3 for screens up to 20X24 and $5 for screen 23X31 and larger. If additional prep is needed you will be contacted prior to any additional work starting on your project.


Ship or deliver your screens to our warehouse at:

Total Ink Solutions
200 South Newman Street
Unit 4 & 5
Hackensack, NJ 07601


For additional size frames please email us for a quote.


We Look Forward to Meeting Your Screen Printing Needs!


We pick up and deliver your screens in our service areas! Other mesh sizes and frames are available, by calling (877) 937-6400.