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COVID 19 Response June 8th UPDATE

We want to thank everyone for all their continued efforts in helping curve the COVID-19 virus.


Governor Murphy has begun the various phases of the soft re-opening of New Jersey and his plan will continue thru the end of June and possibly thru the summer.  As this occurs, we will make sure to continue to practice our guidelines to assure our staff and customers are safe.  We will continue to be vigilant in practicing our social distancing precaution measures and ask all employees to continue to do their part.


Effective June 15, 2020 we will start allowing outside personnel to enter our building but with the below guidelines:


  1. All customers and vendors entering the building must have proper PPE equipment prior to entering our building. Masks and gloves must be worn by all outside personnel. 


  1. We will allow one person to enter the front store; we will allow two people to wait in the front waiting area; 6 feet social distancing must be maintained for anyone entering our front store or waiting in the front area.


  1. We will allow one person to go to the back-print shop. 6 feet social distancing must always be maintained.



We wish to remind everyone of the guidelines to mitigate and prevent the continued spread of COVID-19.  Adherence of these guidelines ensures that all parties are following the social distancing regulations issued by the CDC.


Wash Hands ̴ avoid close contacts with others ̴ cleaning and disinfecting surfaces


Lastly, please practice good judgment and do not come to the office if you or a family member are experiencing any flu like symptoms.  Any employee who is experiencing any flu like symptoms will not be permitted to return to work until they have been seen by a physician and receive a letter clearing them to return.  If a family member is experiencing flu like symptoms that also holds true for the employee.


Thank you all for your cooperation.