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SEF America VelCut Neon Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl 19.7" X 36"

Starting at $21.53 per yard
SKU 5210685-1
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1 $21.53

VelCut is a high-quality heat sealable flock film for plotter-cutting. It has been for years a confirmed best seller. Very easy to cut and weed, it comes in a wide range of colors. VelCut Premium offers incredibly high resistances and it answers positively the most severe ecological requirements. Industry’s highest quality flock film, incredibly soft and velvety to the touch. Excellent color fastness and washing durability. 16 popular colors, 4 Neon colors.


  • Base: Hotmeltfilm
  • Adhesive: Waterbased
  • Flock: Polyamide
  • OEKO-TEX Class II
  • Thickness (without liner): 500μ
  • Fastness: 60°C
  • Transfer Temperature: 160-170°C
  • Transfer Time: 15-17 seconds
  • Pressure: low/Medium

Settings for VelCut

The cutting line must not be visible on the adhesive liner; if it does your blade is setup too deep. The blade has to cut the hotmelt but not the flock layer. If your blade is set properly you can cut flock even with a 45° blade.