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Total Ink Solutions will be CLOSED Monday JULY 4th in observance of the holiday. Have a happy and safe 4th of July and we will be back to normal hours Tuesday July 5th.
Total Ink Solutions will be CLOSED Monday JULY 4th in observance of the holiday. Have a happy and safe 4th of July and we will be back to normal hours Tuesday July 5th.

30000 Series FAST-DRY ENAMEL SCREEN INK - Gallon

SKU 30150-1G

Fast-Air Drying and Baking Properties Excellent Hardness and Mar Resistance
Ideal for treated Polyethylene Substrates Fabricating Properties
Compatibility with Thermoplastic Acrylic Exceptional Adhesion
Outdoor Durability and Good Color Retention. Industrial Maintenance Topcoat
In compliance with California Prop. 65 and RoHs

Card Board, Fiberboard. Hardboard, Paper, Wood Products, Glass, Metal, Coated Metal, Treated Polyethylene
DESCRIPTION: 30000 Series screen ink is formulated for a wide variety of HDPE or LDPE Substrates. 30000 Series has excellent print quality with high opacity.
Note: Pre-test on actual substrate before any full production run.
FINISH: Gloss finish.
COLORS: Available in opaque and transparent colors.
COVERAGE: Approximately 1000 square feet (101 m2) per gallon through mesh count 250 (100T European) monofilament polyester.
SCREEN FABRIC: Mesh counts 230-280 (92T-112T/cm European) monofilament polyester.
STENCIL: Dual-sensitized direct method photo emulsion (OPTIMA EM-500) or SBQ pre-sensitized photo emulsion or equivalent. Also, any solvent-resistant film or photo emulsion.
DRYING: By solvent evaporation.
Airdry: In approximately 20-30 min.
Jetdry: In 40 to 60 seconds at 150° to 180°F (30°C to 83°C).
BAKING: 8-9 min, at 350°F
To extend color and/or reduce pigmentation, add 30790 Clear Base. For printing fine details, add 30800 Halftone Base. To improve ink flow, add 1/2%-1% (by weight) FA 011 Flow Agent. For best printing results, 30000 Series should be reduced 5-10% (by weight) with T-910. To prevent ink drying under hot, humid conditions, add 5-10% (by weight) T-974 (use sparingly).
Modifier Proportion
T-910 5-10%
FA-011 1/2 to 1%
(All mixing proportions are measured by weight.)
T-900 or T-902 or T925 Wash-up. SC-500 Bio Wash-up
SC-510 Instant Bio Wash-up (Non-Petrochemical)
1-quart (0.945 Liter),
1-gallon (3.78 Liter), containers.
SAFETY & HANDLING: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete information.SOLVENTS:
T-900 Fast & Wash up Thinner T-910 Slow Thinner
All colors are formulated using nonleaded pigments, unless otherwise noted.
30150 Super White
30205 Primrose Yellow
30215 Lemon Yellow
30225 Medium Yellow
30275 Ultra Orange
30305 Holiday Green
30315 Emerald Green
30325 Deep Green
30415 Brilliant Blue
30425 Orbit Blue
30435 Regal Blue
30445 Deep Peacock Blue
30515 Fire Red
30525 American Red
30535 Satellite Red
30545 Deep Red
30555 Permanent Magenta
30565 Permanent Cerise
30660 Brown
30770 Black
30827 Process Yellow
30834 Monastral Green
30845 Permanent Blue-R
30846 Process Blue
30849 Permanent Violet
30853 Permanent Red-Y
30858 Permanent Red-B
30876 Permanent Rose Red
30886 Process Red
30780 Clear Metallic Base
30790 Clear Extender Base
30800 Halftone Base
FA-011 Flow Agent
FP-084 Flattening Powder