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Replacement PTFE - Bulk 10 Pack


Replacement sheets of non-stick PTFE, also commonly known as (oops we can't say that). for use with your roller squeegee.
Peel the adhesive backing from the PTFE sheet and adhere it to the backside of your own blocked out, emulsified frame.

How To Install PTFE Sheet to Your Frame

PTFE sheet can be installed onto the shirt facing side of your own emulsified screen. Watch how we install our PTFE sheets onto our kits! We use: 3M Vinyl Duct Tape (3903) &  A Manual Roller Squeegee.

PTFE Installation Steps:

1. Carefully peel the backing off of the PTFE sheet to reveal the adhesive side. This side will go face down onto the underside of your emulsified frame.
2. Use your hands or a roller squeegee to smooth out the sheet.
3. Use a heavy frame tape to tape all 4 sides of the PTFE sheet.