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Vastex Infrared Conveyor Dryer - Big Red 4-D

by ROQ

BigRed® 4D Series dryers in 30 and 54 in. (76 and 137 cm) belt widths are the largest and most powerful dryers engineered specifically for DTG digital inks and/or screen-printed plastisols, water-based inks and discharge, making them ideal for Kornit® and other high-volume DTG shops, as well as automatic screen printing operations requiring high capacities.

All BigRed D Series dryers feature a high-powered pre-heating zone that surges ink temperatures past 300°F (149°C) within the first several inches of conveyor travel, maximizing dwell time at optimum curing temperatures and, in turn, conveyor belt speeds and dryer output.

Air intake fans located below the roof of the enclosure quietly draw 'make-up' air into the chamber's double-walled shell through filtered inlets along opposite exterior sides at rates up to 560 cfm (15.6 m3/min), serving to cool the outer shell for safety, while preheating the incoming air.

An exhaust fan located below the center of the conveyor belt draws the preheated air downward at rates up to 900 cfm (25.5 m3/min), over the garment and through the belt, removing heat, moisture and contaminants from the chamber.


  • 475 - 950+ plastisol shirts/hr*
  • 216 - 432+ water-based or discharge shirts/hr*
  • 72 - 144+ DTG shirts/hr* with digital white ink


Unique cooling bed at exit cools as garments exit the chamber


Light tower to monitor dryer status, cool-down mode for easier shut-down and fault detection on the exhaust


The new BigRed 4D models are 20% quieter than earlier models

Temperature controller accurate to +/-1°F (+/-0.5°C) Digital PID with fuzzy logic — industry's most advanced

Hand crank raises or lowers all heating chambers simultaneously to within 2" - 7" (5 - 17.7 cm) of the belt for bulky items or hats

Digital belt speed voltmeter — a must have

Make-up Air and Negative Exhaust Air — removes moisture and fumes ultra-fast

Filtered air intake prevents dust contamination of images. Filtered exhaust prevents garment lint from entering the blower or exhaust stack

Heavy Duty
"X-Series" Conveyor Belt Tracking System

Belt Width
(Maximum garment width)

30" (76 cm) or 54" (137 cm)

Heater Width
24" (61 cm) or 48" (122 cm)

Maximum Image Width
18 in. (46 cm) or 42 in. (107 cm)
(Heater width minus 6 in. [15 cm])

Add heat chambers and belt extensions


  • Heating chambers @ 54 in. (137cm) long
  • Belt extensions, front or rear @ 18 in. (46 cm) long
  • Control box on left side (right side standard)
  • 3 Phase and 208, 380, 480 voltages
  • Exhaust hood for extra fume extraction
  • Hat support rail
  • Locking casters for mobility
  • Heavy duty motor drive for conveyor belts
  • Donut probe
  • Additional heater clearance