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Lotus Holland Developer

by ROQ

The Lotus Developer is the optimal system for screen printing professionals. This inline system improves the quality of screen developing while increasing the productivity of the developing department. By reducing the amount of labor associated with washing out screens, your business can benefit and grow by reallocating the labor to improve other screen printing processes in your shop.

Efficient and Productive

  • Ease of use for the operator and containment of water preventing humidity near the darkroom.
  • Save Time: While the printer continues with his next task, Lotus Evo develops your screens.
  • Better and more efficient developing results than manual pressure washers.
  • Extend the life of your screens because of better developing and less tear of the mesh.

Voltage: 208-240, 3 phase

  • Electrical Connection
  • Compressed Air Connection
  • Plumbing & Drain for Waste Water Connection
  • Water Supply for Fresh Water Connection

 Air: 10.6 CFM, 110PS

 Conditions of Warranty

  • 12 Month Warranty ( Parts & Labor )
  • Extended 1 year $200 monthly or $2,400 yearly payment for maintenance protection.
  • Client performs basic requested maintenance 
  • Client operates the machinery in accordance to the equipment manual