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Barcode Label Printer

by ROQ

The Total Ink Solution Barcode Label Printer automatically prints customizable labels and applies them directly onto your garment and/or your garment's packaging. Being able to combine seamlessly with the Total Ink Solution Pack and Total Ink Solution Fold, the Total Ink Solution Barcode Label Printer attaches labels that are completely configurable according to your needs. Professional labels provide a complete presentation that your customers expect from top brands like yours. Continue to surpass expectations and maintain your Label as their trusted source for the best experience in decorated apparel. 
  • Length: 51.3"
  • Height: 56.8"
  • Width: 26.7"
  • Machine Weight: 220.4 lbs.
  • Maximum Label Width: 3.2x3.2"
  • Maximum Roll & Coil Diameter: Roll Up to Outside 7.8" & Coil 3"
  • Maximum Production -- pieces/hour -- 700 (same as the Total Ink Solution Fold)
  • *Power Supply: 220V, 3x220V a 50Hz ou 60Hz