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Automatic Flocking Station F4060 - Flock

by ROQ

The Total Ink Solution Flock F4060 automatic flocking station is a revolutionary and proven automatic flocking machine. The first fully integrated multiple screen printing flock application unit for an automatic screen printing press. The ROQ Flock allows a screen printing shop to automate the screen printing flock process for 1-4 colors and includes a cleaning/vacuum station which ensure the flock is presentable for sale to the customer. Integrates perfectly with the computer systems and format of the ROQ Eco and Oval automatic screen printing presses.

  • Flocking area of 16x24" / 40x60 (cm)
  • Digital control panel to adjust flocking and electrostatic time
  • Flocking brushes speed adjustment
  • Electrostatic generator included
  • Total Ink Solution Flock box cleaning device
  • Station crating included.