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Automatic Attachment Press - Iron

by ROQ

Build a solid foundation for outstanding prints with this groundbreaking technology. The Total Ink Solution Press Iron module attaches to the print head of any Total Ink Solution Automatic Press and allows you to achieve smoother ink, eliminate fibers and fibrillation and create special effects.

The Total Ink Solution Press Ironworks inline, without disrupting the printing process, and uses heat and mechanical force to press and smooth the texture of both print and fabric. Making a more uniform and high-quality appearance to any garment, including the simulation of some special effects processes.

Super easy to configure, the Total Ink Solution Press Iron will work in synchronization with the rest of your Total Ink Solution Automatic Screen Printing Machine, taking your quality prints to a level you've only dreamed.

  • Compatible with any Total Ink Solution automatic screen printing machine.
  • Powered using the machine's power connections.
  • Temperature control.
  • Max temperature 200_C / 392_F
  • Speed/pressure regulated by the print head.
  • Press with 400mm width.
  • 3 Phase - 11 amps 208-220V
  • Single Phase - 20  amps 208-220V