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Entry Level

  • Screen Printing Heat Gun 1500W

    Screen Printing Heat Gun 1500W

    Total Ink Solutions®

    HEAT GUN 1500w heat gun for curing screen printing inks. This high quality gun works great for plastisol and water based ink because it forces hot...

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  • D1-Series D-1000 Dryer

    D1-Series D-1000 Dryer


    NOW INCLUDES 10" EXTENSION AS A STANDARD FEATUREVastex's entry level conveyor dryer comes with a Hi/Lo heat adjustment and variable belt speed. Th...

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  • 5' Conveyor Dryer

    5' Conveyor Dryer


    This dryer features one 2,000 watt heating element with ON/OFF switch. Our dryer will increase productivity in your screen printing shop. Featu...

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  • BBC MB series Table Top Conveyor Dryers

    BBC MB series Table Top Conveyor Dryers


    Take your shop or live printing operation to the next level. The BBC MB Table Top Series uses proprietary, highly efficient BBC infrared panels whi...

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  • Ultra Sierra X Series2
    Starting at $9,345.00

    Ultra Sierra X Series2

    Brown MFG

    Ultrasierra X Series Time Tested, Production Proven The UltraSierra conveyor dryer has been the front runner in quality and reliability for decades...

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  • Cure-Tex™ 18" Textile Dryer

    Cure-Tex™ 18" Textile Dryer

    A.W.T. World Trade Inc.

    Cure-Tex™ 18" Textile Dryer Solid state temperature controls Heavy duty chamber insulation Forced air system for even heat distributio...

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