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Siser® VJ 628 Cartridges By Sawgrass


With Siser EasySubli™ matte heat transfer material and the Sawgrass specially formulated Siser EasySubli ink set, the door is thrown open to a world full of color and cotton. This unique combination unlocks the potential of sublimating on colored polyesters, cotton, rayon and more.
When paired together EasySubli vinyl and EasySubli ink, along with the Sawgrass SG500, SG1000 or VJ628 printer, produce the brightest, most vibrant colors and best results. Additionally, Siser EasySubli Inks can achieve traditional sublimation jobs, so there’s no need to switch out inks between projects.
Combining the world’s most trusted brand of heat transfer materials with the world’s most trusted brand of sublimation inks is sure to have striking results and promises to open a growing market.