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Sef America Fantasy Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl 19.7"

SKU 5206210-1
Yards Price Per Yard
1 $20.00
5 $16.46
10 $15.35
25 $14.24
50 $13.35

Bright colors and beautiful patterns will transport your graphics into a Fantasy world. FantasyFlex is 100% PU, cuts and weeds very easily.

FantasyFlex's bright & colorful patterns will enhance and add creative flare to any design.
  • The film and adhesive is PU, 100%.  The best of the best for bonding & stretch and long term washing resistance.
  • The patterns "ARE NOT" digitally printed.
  • The patterns are mechanically applied to our 100% polyurethane film.  "A proprietary process".
  • FantasyFlex sticky carrier allows for easy to cutting & weeding.  
  • FantasyFlex extensive Flex & Rebond without cracking.
 Add flare to your graphics with AmeriFLEX's NEW bright & colorful heat transfer "Fantasy" HTV, patterned films.