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  • BADASS Puff Additive Agent
    Starting at $65.00

    BADASS Puff Additive Agent

    Total Ink Solutions®

    Puff Additive is added to plastisol ink in the ratio of Starting at 15% - 30% by weight depending upon the puff effect of the printer.   PUFFING AGENT

  • Super Stretch Additive
    Starting at $20.99

    Super Stretch Additive

    Total Ink Solutions®

    Super Stretch additive for plastisol ink to produce increased elongation for Lycra, Spandex and other stretch fabric applications. Inks series Appl...

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  • OPTIBOND 289 - Nylon Additive
    Starting at $40.00

    OPTIBOND 289 - Nylon Additive

    Optima Performance Series

    The OPTIBBOND 289 Additive is the perfect addition for any shop that wants to print on Nylon materials. In todays industry there are a TON of mater...

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  • Foil Adhesive
    Starting at $25.83

    Foil Adhesive

    Total Ink Solutions®

    Foil Adhesive

  • General Purpose Plastisol Ink - OVERPRINT GEL
    Starting at $21.99

    General Purpose Plastisol Ink - OVERPRINT GEL

    Total Ink Solutions®

    General Purpose Plastisol Ink Phthalate Free, Ready to use Suitable for heat sensitive fabrics Superior adhesion to nylon fabrics Ideal for printi...

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  • $30.00

    All Purpose Flattening Powder Additive - 1 LB

    Total Ink Solutions®

    ALL PURPOSE FLATTENING POWDER for plastisol and solvent inks. 2-5% by weight mixed into the ink prior to printing. Sold by the pound.