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What Makes AmeriFlex Special?

What Makes AmeriFlex Special?

Of all the heat transfer vinyl available in the world, AmeriFLEX USA is one of the best. What makes AmeriFLEX USA so special? Our vinyl is made to higher standards than other types nd brands of vinyl in the industry. It also lasts longer, and it looks better. In this article, we'll tell you more about each one of these characteristics, and walk you through the many factors that distinguish our heat transfer vinyl from the rest. Here's what you need to know.

AmeriFLEX Vinyl is Available for Sale 24/7

Our manufacturers work around the clock to produce enough heat transfer vinyl for our many customers. Demand has grown significantly over the last year, especially as our customers have discovered that AmeriFLEX USA heat transfer vinyl is just better than heat transfer vinyl from other companies. Even with the increasing demand, we've managed to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. AmeriFLEX screen printing vinyl is available for sale online. We fulfill orders 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round.

All Vinyl is Fully Stocked

Our warehouses and distributors are always kept fully stocked across the USA and soon internationally. This means that you can buy AmeriFLEX heat transfer vinyl from anywhere in the country and receive your order soon. Not long from now, that will be true world-wide.

We Have the Largest Selection of Vinyl

Our selection of vinyl is larger than most of the combined offerings of our competitors. That means more colors. More options. What will you find on our website when you go shopping for AmeriFLEX products? Incredible variety.

  • Silicone HTV
  • Laser HTV
  • PU HTV
  • Reflective HTV
  • Metallic HTV
  • Glitter HTV
  • Puff HTV
  • Flock HTV
  • Holographic HTV
  • Glow in the dark HTV
  • Lifestyle Pattern HTV
  • ...and so much more!

Manufactured by the Best

AmeriFLEX USA is made in South Korea. This sometimes surprises our customers until they find out that South Korea is rated one of the top heat transfer vinyl producing countries for quality.

Why isn't it made in the USA? No brand of heat transfer vinyl is made in the USA. In fact, most AmeriFLEX competitors produce their products in China - even the big names. That means that when you purchase AmeriFLEX, you're buying a unique product that's manufactured with a higher quality control process than our competition - and all of it is produced in South Korea. We produce unique products designed to fill our customers needs.

More Colors in Each Product Series

AmeriFLEX sells heat transfer vinyl in colors that many people in the US have never seen in heat transfer vinyl. That's because we're willing to experiment, we're dedicated to our craft, and we love variety. Seeking a vibrant shade of red? A particularly dark and moody shade of green? What about baby blue? We sell all the colors you can imagine - and some you've never even thought of before.

We Only Work with Reputable Factories

AmeriFLEX has higher standards than many other vinyl producing brands. That means we only ever use the top-rated factories to produce our products. Each location where we produce AmeriFLEX is carefully evaluated and scrutinized before we sign on with a new producer. We look not just at product quality but also worker treatment, commitment to the environment and so on.

We Take Quality Seriously

Quality is so important at AmeriFLEX that we have an entire office dedicated to ensuring the quality of our products. This level of oversight ensures that AmeriFLEX products are made the right way every time. When you buy a product from AmeriFLEX, you can depend on the quality of the vinyl. It won't crack, fade, wash off, peel off or discolor with time.

Want to Know More? See Our Tutorials!

We strive to educate our customers. The more you know about using AmeriFLEX products, the better your experience will be. We want you to get creative! Try all our products from the AmeriFLEX design foil to the Decoflex Holo Glitter. Get comfortable and experimental!

Want to get into t-shirt design and decorating? It takes more than a simple "how to" to get started. We're working on a series of education classes and seminars - coming soon. Keep checking back on our website to see what we have to offer.

Contact AmeriFLEX Today

Are you ready to purchase some of the best heat transfer vinyl available on the market? Want to design a beautiful t-shirt, sports bag or athletic jacket? Check out our website to purchase the right product for you. If you have questions or need guidance, contact us for more information.

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