CWB Ink Seps Shifts Silkscreen Printing Paradigm

The silkscreen printing business will never be the same. 

A joint venture between Total Ink Solutions and CWB Technology, CWB Ink Seps (  has shifted the silkscreen printing paradigm from a dark ages black art approach to a modern systematic scientific approach that everyone can understand  and use.

Using the revolutionary patent-pending CWB Color Model, CWB Ink Seps has figured out how to use your computer’s graphic chip to do industry-best 9-channel photo realistic color separations that are optimized to use 9 new pure primary color CWB Inks developed and manufactured by Total Ink Solutions.

No one can match the results:

  • Most accurate color matching.
  • Lowest cost (9-channel separations are FREE).
  • Right the first time color separations.
  • Full color, eye popping photo realistic prints.
  • Significant cost reduction through manufacturing efficiency.


CWB Color Model

The patent-pending CWB Color Model is the heart of the CWB Ink Seps System.  CWB stands for Color, White and Black.  The model describes all the colors in the complete visible light spectrum in terms of the percentage of C, W and B that make up a specific tint, tone or shade of a color, such that the percentage values of C, W and B always add up to 100%.

The color (or hue) is described in the model as C° -- the specific degree of the color within a 360 degree full spectrum color wheel. 

The 360 degree color wheel can be broken into an infinite number of specific colors. In order to provide a workable boundary for the initial implementation of the new color model in printing applications, we have chosen to divide the color wheel into equal sixths (60 degrees) providing a 9 channel (Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta, White, Black and Gray) color pallet. The CWB Inks use the most accurate available pigments to represent the 6 primary colors in the model along with brightest white, the darkest black and a middle gray (half black and half white).

Using this channel set, a specific C° is either made up of one of the base colors in the set, if C° matches the specific degree of that color, for example 0 for Red, or a mixture of two adjacent base colors proportional to the difference in degrees between the two adjacent colors, for example, Orange is half way between Red and Yellow and would be mixed as 50% Red and 50% Yellow. 

The model provides a mathematical representation of every available color in a complete visible spectrum as C° (0-360), C (0-100), W (0-100), B (0-100).  For example: 0,100,0,0 is fully saturated red.  The only rule is that the sum of C, W and B must equal 100.


CWB Ink is specially formulated to support the CWB Color Model 9-Channel Color System. Each of the 6 color inks use proprietary pigments to match the 6 CWB pure primary colors as closely as possible allowing for industry-best color matching and color brilliance. The white, black and grey inks use proprietary pigments and optically neutral pigment dispersion solutions to provide the purest and most brilliant white and black in the industry.

CWB Ink Seps Separation App

Paste an image into the separation app or browse to an image on your computer and in seconds you are presented with a 9-channel separation of the image that matches the proprietary CWB primary color inks. 

There is a built in Adjust Channel tool to modify the color saturation of any channel. You can also choose to include Grey in the separation along with white and black, which enhances the acuity and depth of some images.

When the separation meets your requirements, choose download to save the separation files on your computer. From there you can load them into your graphics tool to prepare screens for printing.  We offer special plugins for CorelDRAW and Photoshop to facilitate importing our separation files into those tools.

Underneath all this is function is state of the art WebGL graphics software that uses your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) to do industry-best color separation within your browser’s HTML5 Canvas.  No other color separation tool does this.

Color separations for the 9-channel CWB primary color inks are FREE.