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Alba-Pre is designed for Epson® and like machines and ink. Alba-Bro is specifically designed for Brother® printers and inks.
ALBA-PRE and ALBA-BRO are fantastic pretreats in aerosol form.   The unique fan nozzle applies a smooth even coat with minimal overspray.  The nozzle allows you adjust the spray pattern from vertical to horizontal, this will enable you to apply two  thin coats in opposite directions for complete coverage on black and other dark colored goods.  For lighter garments only one light coat can be used.  
Use AlbaChem ®  Pretreats as a sole pretreat or as a compliment to pretreatment machines.  Short runs, hats, small print areas (i.e. left pocket print) are but a few examples where Alba-Pre and Bro are preferred over pretreatment machines.
Alba-Pre is designed for Epson®  and like machines and ink.  Alba-Bro is specifically designed for Brother®  printers and inks.

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Package Size 16 oz.
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